Freeze protection to -50F, average 65% lower cost every day.

PHC length of freeze protection for pipe comparison vs. competition. Wrap-On: Built on Quality, Expanding on Innovation

(Simply choose a length of pipe and read down the column data to compare Wrap-On Pipe Freeze Protection vs. Competition)

A Wrap-On Pipe Heating Cable is the best freeze protection product available in the industry today.  Save up to 70% on energy use with Wrap-On Pipe Heating Cables. Products range in length from 3ft to 100ft, and our cables offer an easy to apply “wrap-on” installation process.

Wrap-On products are also color coded for easy size identification and less confusion, plus they maintain protection to -50F vs. others that...

Winter forecast is in – “Unseasonably cold”- Are you prepared!?

2016 Winter Outlook Now, before Winter, is the time to protect your property and/or investments with Wrap-On brand Heating Cables.

Homeowners routinely protect assets prior to possible Winter damage, and this Winter is supposed to be a rough one, are you properly prepared?

During preparations do not forget to protect against expensive water damage resulting from frozen water pipes, gutters, and ice dams.  Emergency repairs may cost thousands of dollars! Wrap-On products offer the best protection in the industry, heat cables are individually tested prior to...

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming shows:

Ace Spring Convention, March 3-5, 2016; Las Vegas, NV
Reliable Distributors 2016 Management Conference, March 10-12, 1016; Orlando, FL
National Hardware Show, May 4-6, 2016; Las Vegas, NV
Do It Best Corp., May Market, May 20-23, 2016; Indianapolis, IN
United Hardware, Fall and Winter Buying Market, June 17-19, 2016; Minneapolis, MN
Handy Hardware Market, July 28-30, 2016; Houston, TX

New Orleans Orgill Trade Show

Wrap-On® Company at the Orgill Trade Show in New Orleans on Aug. 26, 2015! We are excited to meet you and discuss how Wrap-On® not only invented a product line others now copy, but has continually engineered additional products or design to help both the customer and the retailer!  Please visit our booth for special pricing.

Orgill Conference3

Made in the USA

wrapon-manufacturingAt Wrap-On®, it is important to be part of the community we live and work in. As our company continues to enhance and design products you know and trust, we are located in Alsip, IL, where we try to source from local vendors when possible.

Wrap-On® was the first

Did you know that Wrap-On Company was the first company to introduce the Wrap-On electric pipe and roof heating cables? We continue that tradition to this day, as our company continually improves our product features and design! New clamshell packaging and improved print infographics will greet customers this season, and even more changes to come! Check back in with us soon!

As a potential customer, how does our products make you feel? How about our new packaging, graphics, and even our change to color coded wire (by length)? Would you like...

Solving customers problems

You spoke, we listened! Wrap-On® Company now manufactures not only gray, but black Roof and Gutter De-icer cables! Installation of Wrap-On® products now, can save you $$ and time later; and maybe even some frost bite!  Our products are the first, the best, and cost you the least! 100% “rust free” aluminum roof clips will hold the product in place, without rusting ever! No need to venture back onto the roof year after year. We also manufacture our own “cost-saving” wire to run on approximately half the electricity of competitors,...