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Freeze protection to -50F, average 65% lower cost every day.

PHC length of freeze protection for pipe comparison vs. competition. Wrap-On: Built on Quality, Expanding on Innovation

(Simply choose a length of pipe and read down the column data to compare Wrap-On Pipe Freeze Protection vs. Competition)

A Wrap-On Pipe Heating Cable is the best freeze protection product available in the industry today.  Save up to 70% on energy use with Wrap-On Pipe Heating Cables. Products range in length from 3ft to 100ft, and our cables offer an easy to apply “wrap-on” installation process.

Wrap-On products are also color coded for easy size identification and less confusion, plus they maintain protection to -50F vs. others that...

Winter forecast is in – “Unseasonably cold”- Are you prepared!?

2016 Winter Outlook Now, before Winter, is the time to protect your property and/or investments with Wrap-On brand Heating Cables.

Homeowners routinely protect assets prior to possible Winter damage, and this Winter is supposed to be a rough one, are you properly prepared?

During preparations do not forget to protect against expensive water damage resulting from frozen water pipes, gutters, and ice dams.  Emergency repairs may cost thousands of dollars! Wrap-On products offer the best protection in the industry, heat cables are individually tested prior to...