Freeze protection to -50F, average 65% lower cost every day.

PHC length of freeze protection for pipe comparison vs. competition. Wrap-On: Built on Quality, Expanding on Innovation

(Simply choose a length of pipe and read down the column data to compare Wrap-On Pipe Freeze Protection vs. Competition)

A Wrap-On Pipe Heating Cable is the best freeze protection product available in the industry today.  Save up to 70% on energy use with Wrap-On Pipe Heating Cables. Products range in length from 3ft to 100ft, and our cables offer an easy to apply “wrap-on” installation process.

Wrap-On products are also color coded for easy size identification and less confusion, plus they maintain protection to -50F vs. others that just protect to -40F.

Why pay more every year to protect less? The choice is clear if you would like to have increased freeze protection, easy installation, and lower costs year after year, choose Wrap-On.

Wrap-On cables are manufactured in Alsip Illinois, near Chicago.

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