Preset Thermostat

Save energy and equipment by running only when needed. Many heating cables include a thermostat for automatic operation. However, self-regulating type heating cable systems usually do not include a thermostat. Although the heat output and energy consumption of self-regulating cables are reduced when temperatures rise above freezing, all self-regulating cables continue to use power, and that costs money.

When plugged into a 120 VAC electrical outlet, the model 18800 Preset Thermostat will automatically turn the power on and off to any device plugged into it. It will turn power on when air temperature drops below approximately 35ºF and turn power off when the temperature exceeds approximately 45ºF. The Preset Thermostat can be used with self-regulating type heating cables and many electrical devices such as heat lamps, stock tank heaters and pond heaters.

The Preset Thermostat is easy to install. Simply unplug the heating cable, plug in the Preset Thermostat, and then insert the heating cable plug into the thermostat. This device should be used in conjunction with a GFCI protected outlet.

Photo Item No. UPC
18800 0 37841 14800 0
Watts Amps@120V Approx
1800 15